More frustrated than a monkey in a canned banana factory

Everyday that passes I mess things up more and more by not taking every oppertunity I have to get what I want... And as I sit here now and realize this by tomorrow when my next chance Is right there I bet I won't do anything...again


Black and white art is always so wonderful to look at. It makes you look more at the details. So here's one of my Black And White art piece...

Menu Samples from The Menu Maker

*This menu sample is for example and idea purposes

*Close up view

I Need More Art On Me

So this is my 10908++ attempt with Photoshop ...and all it is, is adding a fake tattoos, fairly easy i must say.

3-2-1 Clear!!!

I finally finished mermaid design, Yay!! but I'm a little iffy on how it turned out. I guess it's pretty okay, but I really started rushing it towards the end. The main thing that bugs me about it is the axonsplash, looks like it's too shiny. I definitely need to work on that... Other than that I'm satisfied with it.

Mermaid in Shallows

--Her magic feed the brimstone air

The tempest tangled in her hair

And in his dreams she’d always be

A bitter wind called Tragedy--

I think the kids are calling it SQUEE!

Inadvertently Wounded

Here's something I did fairly quickly. I've never done a cartoon-ish/comic-ish art, so I decided to try it. I think I like it, but I might rework it a little bit; Hmmm...I haven't decided yet.

Gee! Your blood smells teriffic!

WARNING: The following is pure evil. It's also not meant to be taken seriously.If you take the following seriously your an idiot!!! :P
A Silent Burden

Scream Behind My Cowardice

P.S: This is one of many designs that I’m making as wallpapers for a good friend of mine.


Here’s some of my creations. I’ve really been feeling the reggae themed vibe lately so obviously, this one’s heavy on that flavor.
Table tent 5" x 13"
Rip Card 3.5" x 8.5"


Geez, it's been quite a while since I did anything with this blog.( daaaa??!) Since no one reads my blog, I figured no one would notice or care. No one did, but I decided to start blogging again anyway.

P.s : I've deleted my old blog due to clutter.

Skinniness Is Next To Bullshitness

"a picture speaks a thousand words...but with photoshop,it tells a thousand lies..."
Photoshop Makeover [the perfect lie]


"Called and classified under many names such as gothic,
horror,metaphysical,nightmarish, and disturbing,it is actually a culmination
oftechniques and styles."

Let The Right One In

Solitude of a Vampire
Crime, cries, blood and whispers ....