3-2-1 Clear!!!

I finally finished mermaid design, Yay!! but I'm a little iffy on how it turned out. I guess it's pretty okay, but I really started rushing it towards the end. The main thing that bugs me about it is the axonsplash, looks like it's too shiny. I definitely need to work on that... Other than that I'm satisfied with it.

Mermaid in Shallows

--Her magic feed the brimstone air

The tempest tangled in her hair

And in his dreams she’d always be

A bitter wind called Tragedy--


  1. smartnya babeeeeeeee....!!!!jadi mermaid terus :)

  2. Hehehehe.. trip mermaid kunun.Anyway,thanks for the compliment:P

  3. wow.. you such a pro.. you are my photoshop inspiration... -chris-

  4. kaki sapa ba yg tesisip sana tue.. hahaha